Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cara delete Virus Komputer

sedikit info cara nak buang virus dlm. pc..
got dis useful tips dari blog Dayah

Step Virus Solution

Start Internet Explorer. Click Tools on the toolbar, and then click on Internet Options. Ensure you are on the General tab and hit the Delete button in the Browsing section. Click on Delete Files, Delete Cookies, Delete History and Delete Forms. This will delete all of the temporary Internet files that can might contain viruses.

STEP 2. 
Just Right click My Computer and go to Properties. Click the System Restore tab and select the Turn off System Restore checkbox. Click Apply and then OK. Many viruses copy files to your System Restore folder. Disabling System Restore will stop the virus from reinstalling when you reboot your computer.

Click the Start button and then go to Run. Type winmsd into the Open box and press OK. Expand Software Environment by clicking the plus sign beside it. Click on Startup Programs.

Check the programs in your Startup Programs against a list of reputable software and malware or viruses, which you can find online. If you find any viruses in your Startup Programs, run an online virus scanner such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and etc.

STEP 5. 
You can manually Remove Virus if the virus program can't fix computer virus. To do this, click Start, then Run, and type in regedit. Find the virus in the Windows Registry, select it and delete it. ( if you now that is the VIRUS )

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